Monday, February 21, 2011

New Flag for Georgia

Ugh, now this is a flag I really don't like:

This is the current flag of Georgia, which was adopted after a long and bitter fight to finally get rid of this flag:

And also after a brief intermediate period wherein this flag was used:

Now, I have problems with all these flags (as do many others), so lets go through them in chronological order, starting with the offensive one in the middle.

The flag of Georgia with the Confederate battle flag on the right was not adopted during the Civil War, nor in the almost 100 years following it.  It was adopted in 1956, a time in which every Civil War veteran was dead (Albert Woolson, the last verified veteran, died that year), the nation was gearing up for the Civil War centennial set to begin in just a few years, and, most importantly, civil rights was now a national issue (the Brown v. Board of Education decision was made in 1954).  Proponents argued that the flag was changed solely for the centennial, but this was a time in which that conflict was spoken of as springing from state's rights, not slavery (slavery wasn't the sole cause, we don't live in a two-dimensional world, but the secessions documents of the southern states clearly spell out why each state thought it had to leave the Union and they claimed it was to protect, all together now, slavery).

In 2001, the flag was finally changed to the intermediate phase.  It didn't last long though as it was panned by nearly everyone.  For one, it turned a flag which had been at the very least recognizable into just another blue flag with a seal on it, and it also had a series of other flags running along the bottom.  A flag with pictures of flags?  Besides the risk of destroying the time-space continuum, it just looks bad.  The flag of South Africa tried it (apartheid era), and they at least rotated one so it didn't look like a flag parade.

Which brings us to the current flag, the one adopted to ultimately replace the state flag with the Confederate battle flag which many found offensive.  On the surface, it seems fine.  The seal is still there, but it is relegated to the canton and surrounded by stars.  The three stripes seem to denote a simplification of the American flag, firmly establishing that Georgia is proud to be American once again and that they are putting their rebellious past behind them.  Now, if I may, I'd like to make a quick comparison:

The flag on the left is Georgia, the flag on the right is the first national flag of the Confederacy.  In their attempt to remove the offensive nature of their flag, they simply traded one Confederate symbol for another, though admittedly one most people aren't very familiar with.  In a word, it's the duplicity that makes me dislike the flag.  Whether they did it on purpose or just like the design, it feels like Georgia got away with it, and that is troubling, to say the least.

Is there something that would make a better symbol of Georgia, or at least something with less overt Confederate undertones?  I sure hope so, and I've come up with something I think does just that:

This flag is based on the flag of Georgia from 1920-1956, with the state seal being replaced by a peach.  For me, this is a compromise flag, one which pulls from former designs (including the current one) but removes the carbon-copy feel it has when compared to the 1st Confederate National flag.  And god knows, Georgia won't shut up about peaches.

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  1. OMG, I never thought of that! I was playing around with the stripe colors, and used the field divisions you have here, and had a simplified arch, etc, but the peach is perfect! I think it needs some white fimbriation, though, to set it off.