Monday, September 12, 2011

Another New Flag for Georgia and Maine

Just a couple of quick fixes this week, based on comments I've received.  First, Georgia:

This what I suggested a few months back, replacing the seal on the curent flag with a peach, a simple design and one that resonates with Georgia.  However, it is difficult to differentiate the peach from the background (especially the leaf), so I gave the fruit a thin white border:

A very minor change and one that make the design a little more complicated, but it helps the symbol stand out.

Second, Maine:

This idea wasn't really an idea, merely the hope that Maine would ditch its current flag in favor of the one above, which had been the state's flag about 100 years ago.  In the spirit of offering my own fixes instead of just pulling from history though, I'll alter this one a bit as well.  For one the star represents the north, but by switching it to the other side of the flag, it also can portray Maine's position as the easternmost state.  The green of the tree can also be used to represent the whole state and provide a different background for the flag:

I like this version, but the star now suffers from the same issues as Georgia's peach.  Instead of the white outline though, I'm just going to make the star white as well:

This design is striking and unique while only using two colors and two shapes (and relatively simple ones at that).  I've come to like this design better than the one provided by history.

Thanks to Voron X and Dennis Bolt for their suggestions.


  1. Nice, simple and historically graphic Maine. Reminds me of South Carolina. I'm a big fan of green flags and the fact that the two "upper corner" states (Washington) might have green is kinda nice.

  2. ps...the georgia peach seems too clip-arty to me. Maybe an orange circle rather than anything truly depictive? Or a big orange circle on blue or red, white, blue? Georgia is very sunny too, so it does double duty.

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