Monday, December 19, 2011

New Flag for South Australia

I can't think of anything clever to introduce another of Australia's cookie-cutter state flags, so here's South Australia:

The bird in the badge is called a Piping Shrike, though apparently there is some controversy over what bird it actually depicts, with the Murray Magpie and White-backed Magpie being two contenders.  If this were just another bird emblem, I may have gotten rid of it, but because it is a mystery bird, I'm keeping it.  The Union Jack gets no such reprieve.

I figure Australia is missing a good tricolor design, so I'll use one here for South Australia's new flag:

The colors here can stand for the typical flags things, oceans, agriculture, prosperity, etc., but I chose this order for a couple reasons.  The first being that blue never seems to get to be in the center, and the second because placing the shrike on the far right replicates the style of the current flag.  It also give the flag a unique feel, as the vast majority of flags place their emblems in the center.  And just in case the off-centeredness of this design bugs some people, here's what it would look like in a more traditional style.  I believe I increased the size of the bird a bit too:

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