Monday, January 2, 2012

New Flag for Queensland

Queensland's flag has a crown on it.  That factual statement is the nicest thing I can say about Queensland's flag:

Queensland is the second Australian state named after Queen Victoria, the other being Victoria (duh) and thus uses the same crown that we saw on Victoria's flag.  It's on top of a Maltese cross for some reason, but there are only six Australian states, you'd think they could at least use original clip art. 

As I stated in a previous post, I think it is a travesty that I haven't suggested any kangaroo-based designs yet, and because I only have Tasmania left and they have their own awesome animals, Queensland seems the place to do it:

The colors primarily represent the varied geography of the state, green for the tropical rainforests, yellow for the outback, and blue for the ocean (again, duh).  The yellow kangaroo on green is also a common symbol throughout Australia, they even have a boxing kangaroo flag often seen at sporting events, though I heard they got in trouble at the Vancouver Olympics for displaying it:

Kangaroo's are synonymous with this island continent/country, and deserve to show up on at least one of the state flags.

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