Monday, April 16, 2012

My Progress So Far

In case anyone is interested, I wanted to post a quick entry on the progress I've made since beginning this blog:

If the state/province is green, it means there is a blog post for that flag.  I could post a map of the Australian states too, but it would just be solid green (except for the ACT).  As you can see, there are only six states left to do, though I'll admit there are a few I have done that are pretty awful and so they deserve another look.  With the exception of Virginia, the remaining states have not been filled in because it has been tough coming up with decent design ideas.  Virginia is the special case as it is my home state and I really want to get that flag right.  I'm on my 5th design so far, and I'm just not happy with it yet.

At any rate, these are the states you have to look forward to in the coming weeks.  After I finish the US (though probably before) I think I'll move on to the flags of the various British territories, most of which are textbook examples of monotonous.

As I've been working on this blog, I've also tried to keep up with all the countries from which someone has visited the site:

The vast majority of visits have come from Canada, the USA, and Australia, in that order.  Not very surprising, since I've devoted time to the flags of each of those countries.  The one that shocked me the most though was early last month when I got a number of hits from Syria.  I'm not sure how interesting the conversations on this blog can be to someone in Syria, but I doubt anything on this site is a threat to the Assad regime.  Not directly related to the flags, but I thought it was neat how even an obscure subject like this can be found by people all over the globe.


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  2. That's the way it goes! Don't stop, please!

  3. Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. And if you have any ideas for a Virginia flag, I'd love to hear them. Maybe an outsider’s point of view would give me the inspiration I've been looking for.

  4. Probably I'll post it in May 1st, that's a Worker's Day holiday here in Brazil.

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