Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Flag for Maine

The flag of Maine takes us to that old standard, the state seal on blue:

It has all the aspects of a boredom-inducing design: a Latin phrase, two flanking figures (though I am a fan of the lion and unicorn that the Brits use, but I digress), the name of the state along the bottom, all on a dark blue background.

For this flag, the fix is pretty straightforward.  Back around the beginning of the 20th Century, Maine had a much more interesting flag, one which could actually be recognized from a distance.  It took the pine tree that is often used as a symbol of New England and placed the North Star (appropriate for the most northern state on the East Coast) in the corner:

It's fairly simple, the buff-colored background is uncommon, and though only two symbols are used, they are both packed with meaning and suit Maine much better than they would almost any other state.


  1. So that actually is the historical flag, not a custom fix?

  2. Yes, this one is pure history (though the exact design of the tree is up in the air). There are a couple of states out there that had great flag designs at one point, but for some reason they gave them up, usually for the seal-on-blue look. If a state used to have a good idea, I'd encourage reverting, rather than some different, third option.

    Also, not going to lie, I was a little lazy the other day. The next one will be more original.

  3. I like the buff, tree and star. I'd try for a sexier tree and maybe put the star in upper right corner to correspond to geography? I've always been a fan of the green Washington flag, so maybe Maine might do dark green with white tree?

  4. Yeah, look up New England Flag and you see the tree with red.