Friday, March 18, 2011

New Flag for Vermont

We're just diving in this time, so here's Vermont:

Nothing real special here, though the use of the pine tree, a symbol common throughout New England, is a nice touch.  It also has the name of the state, but this time it is in a much smaller font than a flag like Montana's. 

Vermont is one of the few states that was (or at least functioned and thought of itself as) an independent country, with Texas, California, and Utah being other examples.  We'll get to Utah in a few days, but Vermont has a great flag legacy.  From the late 1700's to the early 1800's, it based its flag on that of the United States, sometimes with varying numbers of stripes and with different things up in the canton.  Around that time though, they had an even better one: the flag of the Green Mountain Boys, the militia of the Vermont Republic:

The historical connections and aesthetics of this flag are great and plus, I like green.  My only problems stem from the canton where the stars are tossed up there in a haphazard fashion and the fact that there are only thirteen.  First change, give them another star.  They were the 14th state, they deserve it.  Then I'll put them in a pattern, something that resonates, that places Vermont among the first thirteen, but gives them pride-of-place.  VoilĂ :

It's got a Betsy Ross feel to it that suits this state, the one that just missed being a founding member.

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