Monday, July 25, 2011

New Flag for Kansas

This is the flag of Kansas:

I could make a flat and rectangular joke here, but it would be too easy.  Also, it probably wouldn't be funny.

This flag contains no surprises.  It shouts "KANSAS!" at you in a very large font, and except for the sunflower on the top, there is nothing very unique about this flag.  I would even make the argument that it doesn't represent Kansas very well even with all the detail in the central seal.  Why is there a mountain in the background?  In one of those few stereotypes that ends up being true, Kansas is very flat.  The highest point, Mount Sunflower, is 3,300 feet higher than the state's lowest point, but because Kansas gradually slopes up as you move west from Missouri toward Colorado, "Mount" Sunflower is a mountain in name only.  The point being, the peak on the seal is deceptive.

There is other stuff on the flag too, some stars, a farmer plowing a field, a steamboat, even Native Americans chasing a herd of bison (I kind of like that last one), but all that can be put aside in favor of the one semi-unique feature, the sunflower:

This flag maintains the shade of blue for the background, but is a twist on the sunburst design that other flags use.  This design uses only three colors, one of them being brown which isn't very common, and is fairly simple.  I tried creating this flag with more definition, such as outlining the petals to highlight that it is a flower, but I felt that created unnecessary clutter.


  1. I like it. It hits the Sunflower State spot (cf. the Kansas state highway sign), and also has tie-in potential for the state motto, "ad astra per aspera." Well fixed.

  2. It's funny. I just posted my own Kansas fix before seeing that you had. Your fix is very similar to the Kansas State Banner, which can be legally used in place of the State flag, for all occasions.

    From the legal description, its hard to tell whether it is actually meant to be a flag.

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